​Please follow the details below to creating your spotify playlist. 

First download Spotify app to your phone or computer and create an account.


Create a playlist

  1. Tap Your Library .

  2. Under Music, tap Playlists.

  3. Tap Create playlist.

  4. Give your playlist a name and tap CREATE.

Add songs and podcast episodes

After you create a playlist tap ADD SONGS for suggestions. Swipe right or Search to find more. 


To add songs later:

  1. Tap         (iOS)       (Android) on the song or podcast episode.

  2. Tap Add to Playlist.

  3. Select a playlist.

Edit a playlist

Tap       (iOS)       (Android) on the playlist, then Edit:

  • Remove songs or podcast episodes with .

  • To reorder songs or podcast episodes, tap, hold, and drag       (Premium only).

Delete a playlist

  1. Tap        (iOS)       (Android) on the playlist.

  2. Tap Delete Playlist.


Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have. 

© 2020 Dj Tommy T